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November 20, 2016

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November 20, 2016

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November 20, 2016

 Los Angeles New York. I have never taken to a band so quickly than LANY. They had me hooked with the acoustic version of ILYSB. I then got all my friends hooked with their alternative relaxed sound. They might have NY in their name but they are definitely a Los Angeles band.  The end half of 2016 these guys were touring with Ultraviolet, who are also are great up and coming band. Their music is like Lana Del Rey meets indie-electronica. 


The concert was at the Fonda Theater on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I love that venue, it has a Shake Shack right across the street. So after we filled our stomachs with crinkle cut fries and mint milk shakes we patiently awaited for the opening act. The thing was that they never came. no one said anything, they just never showed up. We even searched the internet for answers to where this missing act was. Turns out they were sick? Honestly I can't remember the answer. 


Finally LANY came out, I was so excited because now I could start swaying instead of just standing. The show started with get this the National Anthem sung by Whitney Houston. It was fantastic! It is now what I except at EVERY concert. They played probably every song I knew and I loved it. Here is the thing I never expected though, there were a lot of guys, a lot. I also never realized that their songs were pretty angsty until they preformed them live, I even laughed a few times during the concert.  The performance of "Current Location" border lined romantic and over dramatic. But yet if you like LANY you certainly have a flair for the dramatic (Throws confetti in the air and sashays away). 


Okay lets go over the Concert Pro's and Con's:



- Shake Shack

- Parking next door that was $15 (could have been $20)

- Lots of dudes that smelled nice

- Whitney the opening act

- The song "Pink Skies"

- Merchandise is rad



- I waited longer than usual to be entertained (hey at least I'm honest)

- No Ultraviolet

- Get ready for some middle school angst because its real

- The overwhelming urge to give Paul (lead singer) a hair tie



I'd recommend this band every time, in concert though, only a select few can handle. It was a wierd concert, but definetly in a good way. 


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