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November 20, 2016

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November 20, 2016

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September 25, 2016


This was my first time at any I Heart Radio Event, so it was such a pleasure to be able to attend the day time village this year! I had seen a lot of this line up already and knew to expect some really great sets. There were also a few wild cards in there that I hadn't seen and had no idea what to expect. So with that let me dive into the line up . . . 


LOS 5: Okay so these guys won some contest and they got to open this whole shindig. They were very talented, good voices, good looks, they got it. I weary though of the music they sing, it is pretty poppy and I'm not really in that stage anymore in life so I'll pass for now. They made their songs sound pretty good live which made me want to check out their Spotify, but when I got there all I could think of was a more Hispanic One Direction.

TROYE SIVAN: This ladies and gentlemen was the reason I was there. My friend and I were dying for a Troye concert on the west coast and then BAM! Las Vegas appeared and we were sold. I have been a fan since I first heard the velvety goodness that is Blue Neighborhood so I was beyond excited to finally see him in person. Go see him in concert to experience his infectious joyous persona. All I'm going to say is yeah the music is great but them dance moves though!

Lissie: She was wearing the coolest pants and a tie dye shirt, she seemed pretty laid back and so did her music. It's something I would try and listen to on a long drive some place. She's go that Indie folk sound that will keep you entranced.

HAILEE STEINFELD: This was the second time I've seen Hailee preform. She definitely is gaining more confidence with every show she does. She was enjoyable but I'm not a big fan of her music. I do however love her collaboration with Zedd and the Grey. 

CAGE THE ELEPHANT: Whatever lead singer Matt Shultz is on I want some. He always has so much energy which is exactly what this Las Vegas crowd needed. Never change Cage the Elephant never change. 

COLD WAR KIDS: Contemporary yet classic rock band hailing from Long Beach CA. It was delightful seeing these guys grace the stage. That garage band style they posses made them look like they were having a blast. 

BRYSON TILLER: A contemporary R&B singer/songwriter from Louisville, Kentucky. He has a heartening backstory and with the new evolution of Trap Soul we wont be seeing or hearing the last of Mr. Tiller. 

DAYA: This young songstress has been evolving as coming into her own. Seeing her transition from May to September was huge. She got a good voice and a good head on her shoulders, we hope she never sits still but always looks pretty. 

GOOD CHARLOTTE: Okay so I was never too big in their music back in the day, I'll admit. I liked maybe one song. The Madden brothers seem like cool dudes, but I don't agree with this comeback. The music isn't new or innovative it's stagnate and stall, it sounds like 2006. I was expecting more but because I'm not angsty anymore I guess I just don't understand. 

TINASHE: She's adorable but honestly I didn't catch any of her set because I was eating a giant pretzel. #Priorities 

DNCE: Give these guys maybe thee years and I'm pretty sure they'll be closing the show. Their energy is infectious and you don't have to like their comical lyrics or pop-y sound to enjoy yourself during their set. I don't listen to many of their songs but whenever they hit the stage you can count me as a fan.

THE CHAINSMOKERS: Most people where there for these guys and It was obvious. They might be played on the radio but their DJ sets are nothing that would get air time. Like true Las Vegas fashion they got the crowd to think it was EDC. This is who they are, this is the real them. Yes they made Closer, yes they got in the back seat of that rover, but at heart they are a DJ duo that shouldn't be taken lightly. From their remixes to their original stuff, these guys keep it as real as their concerts. 

ALESSIA CARA: One of the most genuine artists I have seen. Alessia is nothing but herself and she shares her love for her music and herself through her shows. She plays a role in this society, we have to change our perceptions of beauty and learn through acceptance. I haven't heard one person who hasn't loved her sound or her when she comes on stage. 

JEREMIH: Well he sang birthday Sex, that's all I really heard. The rests a blur.

SAM HUNT: Good ol' Sam. He never falls to make any stage a house party. With his country bending sound he captivates audiences of all walks of life. See the post from February on more Sam Hunt.

PANIC! AT THE DISCO: Third times a charm, especially when it pertains to how many Panic! at the Disco shows I've had the pleasure of seeing. Brenden Urie is a true Entertainer and could probably belt out the phone book and I would listen to it. A fun close to the show, high energy, phenomenal talent, and me still day dreaming about my giant pretzal. 



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