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November 20, 2016

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November 20, 2016

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May 16, 2016


     This was our first Wango Tango in Los Angeles, California. The hype was huge surrounding this event, with great acts in the past like Maroon 5, Shakira, Kanye West, and Calvin Harris, I could only imagine who would be there when I bought my tickets. This year tickets were sold blindly with the only known performer being ZAYN. I figured he was a solid investment and bought the tickets anyway. Later the line up was announced and I was not disappointed. There were acts I've already seen and some I've been dying to see. So with that lets jump into the first powerhouse performer:


DEMI LOVATO -  Disney starlet turned bad ass vocalist, Demi Lovato is a true talent with a genuine heart. You don't have to like her music but you have to respect and appreciate that this girl has a set of lungs that our generation takes for granted, she preformed "Stone Cold" and I got goosebumps.

ALESSIA CARA - Pronounced A-less-ee-uh, up and coming 19 year old singer with fans from Taylor Swift to Coldplay. She was one of the artists I was so excited to see. Her voice was phenomenal in person, like Demi she is a bad ass and a great influence. I cannot wait to see where she goes from here, if you want to see for yourself check her out as Coldplay's opening act this summer.  

MIKE POSNER - When artists take the stage they present a side of themselves that really isn't always them. Mike Posner was on that stage as no one but himself. He told the crowd what he was thinking and how he wrote his famous song "I Took a Pill in Ibiza" during a low point in his life. His guitar playing was refreshing compared to his older electronic pop songs. He is off in a new direction and it's our job as listeners to hear what this man sings because he is one of the most real people in the music industry.

DNCE - Joe Jonas and friends is what I like to call this band. Joe brought that up beat vibe that got the crowd going, I'm not a big fan of their music but I had a great time during their set. Haliee Steinfeld made an apperance and sang "Rock Bottom" with Joe which was pretty cool. And then after that Joe jumped off the stage and ran into the bleachers and was almost mobbed to death. But he wasn't thank god so let the show go on.

IGGY AZALEA - Yes the Australian, Model, Rapper was there. I'm not going to lie to you, she is and probably will always be one of my favorites. But unfortunately they messed up on her mic and the first verse of "Black Widow" was lost, she kept preforming and never lost her cool even though I'd probably be very upset. She was flawless and talented as always, see her preform and you'll understand.

ZAYN - One of the biggest upsets was this right here. Not Zayn himslef but the placement of him in the middle of the concert and letting him sing only three songs was an outrage. He never even sang "Pillowtalk" like what? And once again there was a technical difficulty and the bass was too damn loud and you couldn't even hear his angelic voice. I'm still pretty heated about this one. Shame on you Wango Tango.

KYGO - Norwegian DJ, Kygo was such a thrill to see. He brought out some suprise guests to make the set even better. I had never seen him in concert but I have friends who swear by this man and said that Kygo will be "off the hook." And he was, very much so. You can catch us at another Kygo set. Plus he sings the music notes as he DJs which is beyond adorable just saying. 

MEGHAN TRAINOR - My third time seeing this lovely lady, she was her fun loving fierce self. I always enjoy her on stage personality probably more than her actual music to be honest. But the girl is talented, we'll have to wait some time before she gets to sing songs that show off her vocal range. Fun time as always.

GWEN STEFANI - Okay, let me tell you what went down here. Before the show started we didn't know exactly where she would be in the lineup, middle? End? Well they should have put her as the closer because GWEN KILLED IT. Best performance of the night. I didn't even know I was a Gwen Stafani fan, but when she sang her hits from over the years it became nostalgic and amazing. The whole stadium agreed with me because their cheering was ecstatic. She sang some newer songs that instantly became favorites. I'm now a verified Gwen Stafani fan. 

FIFTH HARMONY - So I was confused the whole time during their performance because of my previous knowledge of this group.  These girls are not a female One Direction, they do not and should not cater to a younger audience. They are more like the Pussy Cat Dolls then anything, but yet they have all these very young fans. These 7 year olds were going nuts behind us for these 19 year olds in leather body suits. They seem like nice individuals and are talented, each one is superb, but I just never realized how sexualized  they are. Their songs aren't at a caliber to keep me intrigued so yeah probably last Fifth Harmony concert for me. 

THE CHAINSMOKERS/DAYA - I have seen this duo a couple years ago when they first came on the scene. I thought they were going to be huge then and I can see now that I was right. These guys tor up the night and delivered an exciting set. Daya came out before them actually and sang "Hideaway." This girl is young and needs a little work on pitch here and there but she's new to this whole thing and I'm sure she'll get the hang of it. They both preformed "Don't Let Me Down" and it was glorious with smoke cannons and everything, well done my friends well done. We'll see them next time since we are now considered original Chanismoker fans.

ARIANA GRANDE - As soon as Zayn took the stage in the middle of the concert I knew Ariana would be the closer. From a business point of view it's a genius idea, from a music fan's its kind of upsetting. She definitely had a lot of fans there for her but closing material? No thanks. Ariana is one of the best singers that I have ever had the honor of seeing and I like her music, my only hesitation with her is her ongoing attitude of being high maintenance and a brat. I can't support someone who doesn't take the time for her fans as I have heard she doesn't. If you guys remember my Jingle Ball post from 2014, she ran her set too long and put everyone behind because she wanted to sing songs off her album no one was there to listen too. But all that aside, she delivered a good performance and sang "Dangerous Woman" beautifully and even her single "The Way" which was nice to hear again. 



  - Would go again, the Stubhub Center was a really cool outdoor venue in Carson, CA. So not so much "LA Traffic" getting there

  - I hope next year there is no Ariana or Fifth Harmony, sorry not sorry

  - parking was $20 and there were lots of spots but leaving was hell, absolute hell

  - I forgot how much I'm upset/frightened of tweens

  - Food inside the stadium was great, so many options. I had gelato that was the flavor of an Irish Car Bomb. Got me buzzed for three minutes. 

  - Lots of "Famous" people there, watching and presenting acts

  - Zendaya was suppose to be there but wasn't and no one said anything about it, #WhereisZendaya 



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