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November 20, 2016

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November 20, 2016

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January 29, 2016

     Wowza! I mean that in a "wow our night was full of twists and turns." Let's start with the fact that my friends and I were late to the Fox Pomona Theater. Parking was okay distance wise but if you want free parking I suggest parking in the lot on S Park Ave. It's a bit of a walk but worth it if you want free parking. Now after all this walking were were hungry so we ate at the resturant located right on the side of the theater. As we were consuming our bacon dogs and nachos, low and behold my friend spots what she thinks are questionable GAP models. Sidenote: my two friends I'm with have never seen R5 and only have seen the concert poster out front. But it was them, R5. I nearly spit out my bacon dog and ran for the door motioning for them to follow me. We got to see everyone and they are just as fabulous in person. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture because their manager/father made them all get inside the theater. I did get a wink though from the lead singer, which I immediately thought was for my friend but she was just as confused as I was.

     Once in the venue, we realized that to get to the pit at the front of the stage was a first come first serve type of thing. We wanted pit access very badly because we didn't have the patience to stand with a tons of six year olds. Our new homie Frank who guarded the pit hooked us up and told us where we could get these special wristbands. LISTEN UP: This is important if you want pit access but do not do waiting. He told us to look for a man in a suit and he would have the wristbands. Two songs in Frank was able to locate him and told us to act causal and we should be able to get some. The man was named Elvis and he apologized because he didn't have any on hand. We thanked him anyway and went back to our spot. A few minutes later Elvis appeared and with wristbands in hand! He told us to go have fun and to remember the Fox Pomona wants everyone to have a great time. With that being said let the concert begin! 

     Now not everyone is a Ross Lynch fan but everyone should be an R5 fan. Whether or not you know of the Disney Channel history this family band has gone above and beyond to create lyrics and a sound that is upbeat and keeps you wanting more. The concert was (surprise!) full of youngsters. My gals and I felt like babysitters... The fine staff at the Fox Pomona helped us enjoy the concert entirely. One of the most fun concerts I've been too. The only thing odd was the age of the fans compared to the type of music. There was a disconnect that made my friends a little uneasy but the music speaks for itself. The right fan base will catch up to these guys. Until then I'd change nothing and keep the show going exactly how it is. Check out their songs "Repeating Days" and "Dark Side"  ✌🏼️



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