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November 20, 2016

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November 20, 2016

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December 14, 2015

ANDREW MCMAHON IN THE WILDERNESS – A singer/songwriter who plays the heck out of the piano, this guy started the show off right. His songs are upbeat and have a great pace, his song Cecilia and the Satellite was awesome to watch him preform.

JAMES BAY – The prodigal British son returns to Los Angeles and he was incredible. I would have saved him towards the end but it was a treat to see him at all, for more info on James see the post from DEC 1st.

ELLE KING – This chick encompasses country, soul, rock, and blues all in one kick ass package. She loved to talk and didn’t care what anyone thought, her voice was raspier in person and she plays the banjo, I basically want to be her.

GEORGE EZRA – This English singer/songwriter wrote his whole debut album while traveling Europe alone, when I first heard his music I thought he was an old wise black man (he’s 22 skinny British and white.) Mind blown, I’m trying to play down my enthusiasm for this guy, he was the reason I found KROQ, I wanted to go to his concert so bad and he didn’t disappoint.

THE 1975 – Alternative rock band hailing from Manchester, I love these guys and it was awesome seeing them again. Their new album is coming out and I’m beyond pumped, for a more info on these lads check out my post from November last year.

THE NEIGHBOURHOOD – This alternative rock band took the world by storm with “Sweater Weather” but they are so much more. Jesse the lead singer is beautiful to look at and to hear, their new album is a truly special collection of songs that tell a story, I’m excited I get to see them in the New Year.

PANIC! AT THE DISCO – A rock band hailing from Las Vegas who has guided everyone through that one Goth stage. I have seen these guys before and Brendon lives to preform and if you haven’t seen them you should whether or not you know their music, I’ll do a throwback post about them soon.

COLD WAR KIDS – A indie rock band hailing from Long Beach, these guys were fun to watch perform. They all played their instruments near each other and looked as if they were jamming in a garage, I love their song “First” and I will be looking into them further.

CHRIS CORNELL – A Singer/songwriter formally front man of Seattle rock band Soundgarden. This man was professional, talented, and an industry great but his time slot was a little too big, the crowd was not catered to his music, I felt bad that I wanted his set to end but yet again I didn’t because KROQ probably knew that was going to happen and still let it.

OF MONSTERS AND MEN - A indie folk pop band hailing from Iceland, these guys were delightful and even whimsical. Have you ever heard an Icelandic accent? It's straight out the best thing ever, they put on a good show and they have a glockenspiel. 

FALL OUT BOY – A rock band from Illinois and also another band we head banged to in our earlier years. I have also seen these guys before and the second time was even better than the first, all their songs are hits and the whole Forum was rocking out together, childhood goal accomplished.  


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