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November 20, 2016

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November 20, 2016

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July 20, 2014


     This was a great concert in San Francisco at Slims located near a food truck trailer park (oh it was yummy all right). Slims is basically a bar/concert venue so yes there is a good bar tender on staff at all times, or so I'm told. Parking for this venue wasn't too bad since there was a Costco parking garage right down the street. My friend and I though elected to park on the street. BIG MISTAKE: Don't park on 10th street! Our car got broken into and they smashed three out of four car windows and stole a cooler, an old iphone, and some cords. While we were on the phone with the police a man who had parked behind us asked if we needed help. We said no but thanked him for asking, he then proceeded to tell us that he parked in the very same spot we were in a week ago and someone broke into his car too. Ay yi yi, what are the odds.

     Anyways here's the scoop on the concert itself. Their opening act SOLWAVE made me so excited that I'm still upset I haven't heard anything from them. The other act Louder Space was equally talented and fitted in with that chill beach sound. Everyone was smoking joints and having a great time. Radical Something made the whole place feel so intimate, a feeling I always love. These guys are Ex UC Berkley Football players! Well except Josh of course. Loggy and Big Red formed the band still in college and have been entertaining us ever since. These guys are the perfect summer soundtrack and will be on most (if not all) of my playlists. Check out Be Easy (feat. Kinetics) and Spraypaint. ✌

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